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September 7-11th, 2021


A free 5-day momentum-building fitness challenge to help you get consistent with your workouts! The goal is to regain control of your health after a busy summer and help you build momentum by prioritizing your workouts in 30 minutes or less per day. No gym required!


Just complete 4 workouts in 5 days and you'll be entered to win some great prizes!

So, how does it work?



Once you sign up, you'll receive four (4) quick, yet effective, #Dirty30 workouts (30 minutes or less) via email. You can complete them whenever you'd like, just make sure you get them all in by Sunday, 9/12. 



All you need is a set of dumbbells to participate and some space to move. Dumbbells between 10-25 pounds would work best for this challenge. If you have more than one set, that's even better! Some workouts include running, but you can always substitute with another form of cardio (i.e. bike, elliptical) or speed walking.



In the private Carrots 'N' Cake community on Facebook, you can connect with other women, ask questions, and find support to maximize your results. You'll also keep track of your progress via daily accountability threads to chat about the workouts, share your results (if you wish), and stay motivated! 



If you would like to share your workouts on social media, there's is a FREE (optional) Instagram component that goes along with the #Dirty30Challenge. All you have to do is share your workouts by posting a photo or video (IG feed or IG Story) and use the hashtag #Dirty30Challenge and tag me @carrotsncake. Your post can be a quick selfie, a shot of your equipment, a motivational quote... whatever you like! The goal is to feel like you're working out along side an awesome community of women, so please do your part to participate!


*** If you don't want to participate in the Instagram challenge, you can still sign up and receive the FREE #Dirty30Challenge workouts!



In order to qualify for some seriously awesome prizes, you must complete four (4) workouts over the 5-day period (verified by your IG posts using hashtag #Dirty30Challenge and @carrotsncake). The more you post and share, the more chances you have of winning (each post adds your name to the raffle). Prizes include:


What are the workouts like?

They are strength-based with high-intensity metcons mixed in. Check out the @carrotsncake Instagram feed for some examples. The goal is to work hard, sweat, and finish in 30 minutes or less. Let's just say these workouts are quick, efficient, and you'll be a sweaty mess by the end!

Am I fit enough? This sounds intense!  

You're right, the workouts are challenging, but do-able even for beginners. Keep in mind, if it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you. BUT you don’t need to “crush it” every single time or choose weights that are too heavy and risk injuring yourself. You do need to increase the intensity to some degree and push yourself to get stronger. In general, these workouts are for regular exercisers who want to make the most of their time and get in a great workout in 30 minutes or less!

What equipment do I need?

If you only have access to 1 set of dumbbells, I’d recommend getting something in the 10-25 lb. range.

What if I don't have Instagram or don't want to share?

The Instagram component is totally optional. If you don't want to share, you can still sign up and get the workouts. If you do end up participating on Instagram, you'll be entered to win some great prizes, including membership into my signature metabolism mentorship!

Will you be running this challenge again?

This is the last free fitness challenge that I'm offering in 2021.

Is there any nutrition guidance with this challenge?

There is not a nutrition component, but my Lean Macros Bundle would be a great compliment if you are just starting with macros.

What if I'm currently doing another fitness program?

The programming for this challenge is intended to be a standalone program that I recommend doing as is, without any additional exercise. All workouts are about 30 minutes and the goal is to work smarter, not harder with regard to the duration of your exercise. If you are currently doing another training program, you're welcome to fit these workouts into what you're already doing. Just be sure to not overtrain and give yourself plenty of recovery time.

I have bad knees and shoulders. Is this challenge appropriate for me?

Yes, for sure! There are a number of movement modifications available if you're unable to do jumping movements or certain exercises bother your shoulders. There is also a private Facebook group where you can get additional ideas for movements that feel good and work for you!