Boost Health & Your Metabolism with the Women's Wellness Mineral Guide!

Are you ready to transform your energy levels, kickstart your metabolism, and truly feel your best? Look no further than the Women's Wellness Mineral Guide—a comprehensive resource designed to nourish and empower you on your health and weight loss journey!

Why Minerals Matter:

Minerals are the body's "spark plugs," essential for every metabolic process. From energy production and hormone balance to proper digestion and blood sugar regulation, minerals are what keep our bodies thriving. Neglecting these vital nutrients can lead to fatigue, metabolic issues, including weight gain and low thyroid, poor emotional health, and more.

Are You at Risk for Mineral Imbalance?

If you've experienced chronic stress, pregnancy, breastfeeding, digestive issues, regularly consuming processed food, have a history of dieting, overexercise/endurance training, and/or hormonal birth control, you may be at risk for mineral imbalance. 

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What's Inside:

Our team, having worked with thousands of women over the years, has compiled a number of recommendations and resources to support your healing and weight loss journey through mineral-rich nutrition. 

  • Why Minerals Matter
  • Are You at Risk for Mineral Imbalance?
  • Symptoms of Mineral Imbalance
  • Specific & Realistic Recommendations for Mineral Support 
  • How You Can Test Your Minerals
  • Nourishing, Mineral-Rich Recipes

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Hi, I'm Tina Haupert

I'm Tina Haupert, a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P), certified nutrition coach, podcast host, cookbook author, wife, mom, and founder of Carrots ‘N’ Cake—a thriving healthy living brand and online functional nutrition practice.

My passion lies in helping women feel their best and minerals are at the foundation. Together with my coaching team, we offer personalized one-on-one coaching, utilizing functional testing and a macro-based approach. Our goal is to empower clients in enhancing their health, metabolism, and diet, all while achieving their weight loss and body composition goals. It's about finding that perfect balance—having your carrots and eating cake too!